Here you can find the answers to your MSpyPlus questions. From assistance with downloading, installing, to monitoring data, there are guidelines for complete MSpyPlus service here.

1. What is MSpyPlus? How does it work?
MSpyPlus is an undetectable smartphone software application that discreetly keeps tabs on text messages, call history, calendar information; records conversations; determines GPS coordinates of the phone and shows the location of the target device on a convenient map. The software needs to be installed right onto the mobile device you want to track. Physical access to the mobile device you wish to spy on is only needed during the installation stage. One may adjust all settings of this application remotely anytime from your web Control Panel. With MSpyPlus having been successfully installed, as soon as in twenty minutes, all data, even if it was erased by the phone’s owner, get uploaded to your private Control Panel account that can be accessed from any PC or Internet-enabled device. Upon the completion of your purchase, you will get an e-mail with detailed installation and setup guidelines cell phone tracking.

NB: The target device (the phone you intend to monitor) must have Internet access, and be compatible with our application. Check   if the model of your phone is supported.


Accessibility: users get access to the monitored phone activity 24/7, from your computer.
Value: MSpyPlus is a cost-effective solution.
Power: MSpyPlus is the most powerful and user-friendly software on the market.
Simplicity: the application can be used by dummies and tech-savvy users alike.

2. Do you ensure my privacy protection?
We don’t collect or store any personal information of our clients and we never make it available to any third parties. Furthermore, MSpyPlus adheres to active security policies that guarantee complete privacy by encrypting strictly confidential activity logs.

3. What’s the point of using MSpyPlus?
Monitoring employees’ mobile phone usage and making sure that kids are safe are the most popular uses of MSpyPlus.

4. How to install MSpyPlus?
Once the purchase was made, an e-mail containing a password to your MSpyPlus Control Panel will be dispatched to you. To change the password, go to the Panel settings.

Step 1. Log into your Control Panel and follow installation instructions given by the wizard.
After logging in, you will see the Wizard asking you to select the OS of the target mobile device and install the surveillance software. The installation takes just a couple of minutes.

Step 2. You’ll be shown the combination code by the Wizard.
After installing MSpyPlus, dial the combination code, received from the wizard, on the target phone.

Step 3. View the data captured by the software online.
If all the settings are configured, you’ll be able to view the first logs in a couple of minutes. Congratulations! Now all activities on the target phone are monitored and can be viewed any time in your private MspyPlus account.

5. What phones does MSpyPlus run on?
This application is compatible with all mobile devices powered by the iPhone, iPad, Android and (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, Philips, LG, Sony Ericsson, Google, MEIZU, ZTE and Acer).
Please check here if MSpyPlus runs on your phone model.

6. How can I be sure that MSpyPlus will work?
We can assure you that our cell phone spying software is absolutely reliable. We are so confident about the quality of our product that we provide a 10-day Refund Guarantee to our customers. If there is something you dislike about our application, you can get your money back within 10 days after the purchase. For more details on our full refund policy please visit this page.

7. Is it legal to track employees using MSpyPlus?
Using the MSpyPlus cell phone tracking software for spying on employees suspected of company theft, fraud or lying is absolutely legal. Companies also have a legal right to monitor phones used in the course of conducting company business to ensure the devices are not being misused. Companies are obliged to notify employees on what type of cell phone usage is deemed acceptable. Please note that by informing staff before installing MspyPluson their phones, and by having them accept this as part of using the company-owned devices you will ensure that the company will not run into any legal problems.

8. What forms of payment do you accept?
Payment methods available to us are:
Bank/Wire Transfer
American Express
Diners Club

9. How can I get this application?
Being a digital product, MSpyPlus software is delivered electronically. No shipping fees! Upon your purchase, a welcome e-mail containing a link that needs to be typed into the target phone’s web browser will be dispatched to you. This link can also be found in your Control Panel.
You can do it anytime. If you haven’t received an email right after the purchase completion, first, check your spam folder as sometimes a non-spam e-mail is classified as such and goes to your spam folder. Please note that it might take up to 4 hours to process some payments.

10. How do I install MSpyPlus?
You must install MSpyPlus directly onto the device you are going to monitor. Installation instructions vary depending on the OS your phone is powered by. To install MSpyPlus, simply login to your MSpyPlus Control Panel here, select the Help menu section, and follow the guidelines of our online User Manual for the specific OS of the target phone (the phone you are going to spy on).

11. Can MSpyPlus work with any service provider network of the target phone?
MSpyPlus runs regardless of the location. The only requirements to your target device are:
compatibility with MSpyPlus(check it here )
the Internet access at least 10 min per day.

12. Why can only Internet-enabled phones be used as the target device for MSpyPlus application?
The target phone must be Internet-enabled for MSpyPlus to send the tracked information from the monitored device to your Control Panel. The Internet access is also needed for downloading the application into the target device.

13. Is there any indication of where the Internet connection was made on the phone bill?
No. The phone bill may contain only the information about the total amount of data transfer or time consumed; not a clue about the connection sources or applications that used the Internet. That’s why MspyPlus is invisible for the user of the target phone.

14. If someone installs MSpyPlus on my phone, how can I spot it?
It’s impossible.
Unlike other software of this kind, MspyPlus manages without SMS commands that appear in the message folder of the target mobile device to make the application work. The size of the activity data that gets uploaded to the server never exceeds 100kb and doesn’t get noticed by the owner of the target phone when their phone bills arrive. Moreover, the MSpyPlus application boasts a battle-tested history of insignificant battery power consumption so that the target device works as usual. Thus, it is virtually impossible for the owner of the target phone to detect the MSpyPlus software as it can be controlled online without conspicuous connection between the server and the target phone.

15. Does this application support my phone service provider?
MSpyPlus is used on all supported phones regardless of network, service provider, or location. You will have full access to MspyPlusdata even if the phone is in the back of beyond. The only MSpyPlus requirements are that the target phone is powered by a supported operating system and has Internet access, which means that an overwhelming majority of mobile devices available on the market are compatible with MSpyPlus!

16. Can MSpyPlus be set up to record surroundings in specified time intervals?
MSpyPlus has the option of turning the mic on the the target device so that you could listen to cell phone surroundings and record all conversations. To activate this option, log into your Control Panel, select the Commands menu and set the time to record all conversations that are carried out near the target phone during the specified time interval. To listen to the recordings go to the View recordings page of your Control Panel.

17. Where can I see captured SMS, call Logs, e-mail and GPS location information?
Al a multi-featl subscriptions haveured and convenient Control Panel that can be accessed at As soon as the purchase process is completed, we will send you a welcome e-mail letter with the login details to your private account where you will be able to monitor the activity on the phone you wish to track.
The first logs of tracked SMS text messages, call details, e-mails, the records of websites visited, messages on social networks, GPS locations and much more can be seen in 20 minutes after the set-up of the initial phone number. The sidebar to the left contains the statistics menu. Your MSpyPlus Control Panel will enable you to track real-time usage of the target cell phone with a great ease.

18. How can I set up call recordings? How can I record ALL calls? How can I record calls from / to specific phone numbers?
You need to set the button “Record All Calls” to “On” in case you would like to record each and every inbound/outbound call. If you would like to record calls from specific numbers you will first need to set the button “Record All Calls” to “Off” and specify those numbers in the “Specify number for recording field” in the international format without 0.
After the application is installed you should go to “Call Recordings” and set the button to “On” (it should turn green). It’s better to try it in a different internet browser (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). Then you should go to the “Phone Management” section and back to “Call Recordings” to make sure the button remains in the correct position. Wait for 2 update intervals (~40 minutes) and perform a test call.

19. How can I set up recording surroundings?
Please note that in order to successfully record phone’s surroundings you need to queue and send the command to the target device which will silently initiate the recording. To achieve this, you need to set the start and end time (30 minutes per one recording) at least 40-60 minutes prior to the starting time, so that the Control Panel will have enough time to send the command (as there might not be active connection all the time on the target device). A successfully sent command will show you green “Check” circle under “Applied” column opposite to the desired command. This means that the “alarm” was received by the phone and the recording will start as planned.
Please note that it’s reasonable to set up a series of short recordings rather than one big one because if the microphone is used, an unexpected incoming/outgoing call will stop this recording and corrupt the file.

20. How are missed calls / messages marked?
MSpyPlus gathers data from the target device every 60 seconds (otherwise it would be not cost-efficient in terms of battery use). Only the new information (new messages, call log entries etc.) is gathered and sent to your account. In case the message was already tracked it will be disregarded by MSpyPlus. If the message was deleted on the target device, there will be no special marks.

21. Where can I find IM?
There should be a separate feature developed and implemented for each application (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), and for each of these features there is a separate section in your Control Panel where all the information tracked from the target device is stored.

22. Does MSpyPlus capture picture sent/received via WhatsApp?
You will be able to see only text messages in the “WhatsApp” section of your Control Panel. All other information sent via this messenger like video or photos will be shown in the corresponding sections of your Control Panel.

23. Where can I find MMS messages?
MMS messages are divided into media and text messages and are stored separately in “View SMS” and “View Photos/View Videos” sections.

24. Which Social Network’s activities will be logged?
MspyPlus will track only messages. Neither news feed nor friend list tracking is available for now.

25. Which Viber activities will be logged?
MspyPlus fetches Viber messages and logs call details. Viber call recording is currently not available.

26. Where can I find WhatsApp logs?
WhatsApp messages can be found in “WhatsApp” section. WhatsApp pictures are stored in “View Photos” section.

27. What info will I be able to monitor with the WhatsApp feature for Android devices? Only messages or anything else?
MSpyPlus allows you to see messages and pictures exchanged via WhatsApp.

28. What if I need technical support?
We provide online and toll-free 24/7 technical support to all our customers. Need to contact our Support Team via email? You can reach them at [email protected]. or you can send a tracked support request at [email protected] and we will quickly reply giving you detailed instructions to fix your problem.

MSpyPlus Works On All Mobile Phone And Networks Around The World. Find MSpyPlus In


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